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Started in 2008 and incorporated in 2011, Xellink Solutions has a history of helping individuals and companies find quick and effective solutions to their IT needs.

Tell us what you want, let us do the thinking. We will revert to you a deployable solution that is built to last.

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Xeltech is the technological arm of Xelink and provides the tools required for corporate deployability. 

Xeltech Enterprise: We are able to deploy enterprise solutions (i.e. G-Suites, Outlook Enterprise, ZOHO) and can customise plans according to your needs and budget. We are also able to organise teaching sessions for individuals and company staff to learn to use such software.

Xeltech Technologies: Our technology arm consists of a range of software licenses made available by the Xellink team including AI, automation, data analytics, security, printing and network solutions.

Xeltech Workspace: Xeltech Workspace provides you with the right environment to conduct your business, virtual and physical.

XAI studios brings the artwork, voices, ideas of your own or from our Xeltech Design team to life. Features include animations, audio and visual transitions, SFX, AI-voiceovers. 

The use of advanced AI capabilties produces a very cost-effective low-manpower solution for quick deployment. XAI studios is able to produce a full fledged 2-3 minute multi-language instructional video within 24 hours.