Lubuntu Guide: Synapse Application Launcher

“For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and that one, ‘Come,’ and he comes. I say to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.”  Luke 7:8-9

Lubuntu, unlike Ubuntu, is a light and efficient system that has no launcher on its own. Whilst Ubuntu users are given Dash to use, Lubuntu users are instead given the opportunity to choose what kind of launcher suits them. A dock is not sufficient at this day and age. Imagine you tell your computer ‘Go!’ but you still have to open a folder, find the file, and double click on it. Now all you need to do is tell the computer what you want and it will execute it for you.

Typing 'libre' shows all the options for LibreOffice

Typing ‘libre’ shows all the options for LibreOffice

Most people would find that the Zeitgeist Indexing system to be the most useful and that allows the person to search for ANY file in the computer system. Thus springs the ‘type what you want’ system. The software has been removed from the default repository in 14.04 and most users are unable to install/make the program work on 14.04. This guide covers the ability of the program as well as on how to install and troubleshoot the software on 14.04.

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Tutorial on Wine: Gallium 9, possibly doubling your framerate

Wine is a great system to running programs, but there are many alternatives in Linux. The biggest thing people use wine for is games and the most common complain about games running under the WINE compatibility layer is performance. Naturally, most people would default to the propriety drivers to try to optimise performance, which has been the case for a long time until…

Gallium Nine, demonstrating increased performance for Direct3D 9.  Continue reading

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Review and Tips: Wasteland 2

Release: 19 September 2014
Genre: Tactical RPG
Developer: inXile Entertainment, co-developed by Obsidian Entertainment
Relations: Fallout series, Wasteland.

This is the first review and guide on our site of a relatively recently released game called Wasteland 2. The reason for selecting this game is because it runs natively and it would be good to highlight the rare gems in the limited linux game library, populated by games which feel incomplete or lack the polish of old school RPGs, such as those resembling more like phone apps rather than full featured games.


The very fact that this is storyline based and has its relation to fallout made me pick it up. This is a personal review, so I will cover my gameplay experience although the developers advertised that the gameplay will differ for every playthrough. Continue reading

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Laptop Option Sept 2014

After considering our requirements, we have decided not to proceed with using Aftershock PC as a base for our operating system.

We offer the Toshiba Portege z930 and Z30 model due to their low weight, high portability and SSD option.

The Z930 is 1.12 kg and is one of the world’s lightest ultrabooks. This maximises portability with a relatively decent battery life. The Z30 has almost identical chassis but is slightly heavier and thicker. It offers a longer battery life and slightly more firepower.


Z930: 1595 SGD (at time of writing, may be less, please check for latest prices.)
Z30:   1720 SGD (at time of writing, may be less, please check for latest prices.)
Ram/HD upgrade available.
Installation of Microsoft Office (under WINE) also available.

See the rest of the post for specifications.

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Developers’ Analysis Report 14.04 (September Update)

Lubuntu XELLINK Edition 14.04 was released in May. This report is an update from the previous version released in may, for those who which to know the inner workings and general direction of the operating system, especially for high end users who wish to emulate the system or find concepts to create their own operating system.  Continue reading

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Hardware and software progress in Linux

“Do not fear difficulty. Hard ground makes strong roots” – Ventari Tablet (Guild Wars 2)

The good thing about Linux is that we were better off than when we first started. Linux has progressed forward, a lot more than I had expected. A good example would be support from browsers. The dominant winner used to only be supported on windows. Not only has Linux been able to run IE with WINE, IE is no longer the preferred browser with almost every website now being Linux compatible. I place this chart from W3 counter for easy reference.


Chrome is a success story with Linux. Android is based on Linux and Chrome is very friendly when it comes to supporting Linux. I remember the days when IceWeasel was the default browser in many linux distributions and despite being identical, many websites still do not support it simply because it wasn’t firefox.

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Free as in Freedom

“Free software is software that respects your freedom and the social solidarity of your community. So it is free as in freedom.” – Richard Stallman


I have always wanted to contribute to open source as much as I can despite my busy schedule. I have provided help to others for free with software issues and hardware selection. However, providing my OS led me to realize that this is a volume that I cannot handle.

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Choosing the right laptop for our OS

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” ― Marshall McLuhan

Hardware selection is difficult. Amidst my busy schedule, everyday i consider, before I start a project, I consider what tools would benefit me in my work the most. Many people relate this to software, for example Microsoft Word vs notepad vs LibreOffice, each has its own perks. Likewise, the hardware matters too. It would be terrible to write an essay on a tablet or a smartphone.


Laptops are the in-between between functionality and portability and are neither here nor there. Therefore, for us to select a laptop is hard. It requires knowing what our customers want which is impossible to predict. Price is a factor too. We should always shape our tools before our tools shape us, otherwise we become crippled slaves. Hence, we should list down our requirements and stick to it.

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Tutorial on Wine with PlayOnLinux by the P-Meister

Hello, welcome to this tutorial. This was originally posted on but I have decided to consolidate the information here.

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Archive: 10.04 Operating system

This content has been replaced by that in the main page:

In 2010, I created a video to highlight the functionality of Ubuntu.

The next stable version of Ubuntu will be 14.04 and was released in April 2014. A more updated video is provided.

However, I wanted to create a product that is more polished and have managed to test the system with a few other users, radically modifying it in the process. As I researched more into the operating system, I have also found ways to improve its design to make it more user friendly, lightweight and faster.

To find out more. Visit

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