Customised Programs

We offer our customised operating system installation at 60$ for an individual PC, 40$ for a few (2-4) and 30$ for batch (>4)*. If you buy the hardware from us, there is no charge for operating system installation.

Our operating system that is based on Linux is resistant to virus attacks and suitable for sensitive data storage.

We also do customised programming. Most of our clients are corporate but we can attend to personal requests as well. Examples include batch image manipulation software, batch PDF creation/overlay/signatures, integrating with IBM systems, etc.

Corporate charge is a lot higher for many obvious reasons. We strongly recommend ample planning in order to reduce cost.


Estimated average corporate fees for a single piece of software.

Urgent < 4 weeks

Please consult regarding price

Within 4-10 weeks

3000.00 SGD

Within 3-5 months

1500 SGD

Within 6-8 months

800 SGD

Per additional modification:

400/200/100 according to above prices.

Prices are only estimate and subject to complexity required.


Estimated personal fees for a single piece of software.

Personal fees are a lot cheaper but we do not guarantee to meet any deadlines. Quotes are dependent on personal needs.


Please email directly to


*Price per PC

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