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There is no charge for installation of Linux, as long as the hardware is purchased from us. You can find out more about pricing in the hardware section. I believe a functional operating system must allow you to perform basic functions quick as well as allow the flexibility and power for you to run or create more complex programs. Therefore, I would like to offer a custom design of the Ubuntu Operating system.

In 04/2014, we have decided to advance with Lubuntu. Reasons for doing so can be found in our blog update. A developers’ analysis report is available for those who are interested in the nitty gritty details regarding the inner works of the OS, many of which you would not notice but will appreciate in time to come.

The OS is now, polished, ‘cleaned up’ and ready for use. A screenshot is provided below. A video can be found at the end of the page.


Lubuntu XELLINK Edition 14.04 will include

Please refer here for a specific program list.

1. Application launcher and file sorting system

Panel with ‘Start menu’ like button

Dock for quick application launching

PCMan File browser Launcher with ‘type what you want’ system

 2. Window selection, space management and control


Virtual desktops

Touchpad two-finger scrolling (for laptops)

 3. Browsing, email and social

Chrome vs Firefox

Sylpheed vs Thunderbird

Pidgin Web Messenger

Skype (optional)

Cloud computing: Dropbox (optional), Chrome/Chromium can be used to  sync google accounts if desired

 4. Office suite and image/Video editing

Libre Office Shotwell


PITIVI video editor

Microsoft Office WINE (Optional)

 5. Gaming and other windows software

Native Linux games including Steam

WINE to run windows software, like Microsoft Word

PlayOnLinux to organize and autoinstall games that require Windows

 6. Security

Relatively Virus-free, no antivirus required

Software support up to 3 years, stable version is released every 2 years.

In 2010, I created a video that demonstrates the full capability of the operating system.

Since then, I have decided to include in the operating system:

1. Software that can call any file you want in the computer, just by typing its name in a search box.

2. Less flashy effects, more practical usability in the design

3. A more lightweight desktop manager

4. A user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes does what you feel like doing. This means allowing you to experience hands on without creating major system instabilities.

5. Bug free and hardware supported according to hardware specifications.

6. Associated individual software upgrades

The old video was mostly unpolished work and can be found in our blog archive.

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