First post… Welcome

XELLINK Solutions started as a hobby for me. Doing freelance work was enjoyable. I was able to deliver software that companies need to be written in short notice and able to provide an alternative cheaper service compared to bigger merchants.

My software have all been based on open source, and when provide licenses, I also give up my source code to most of my clinets. I do not lock my own software from my clients to take advantage of them, instead I give them space to fix, market and sell the programs I write for them so that they can take it to the next level. Imagine, a future, where the skillful programmer is rewarded rather than the first programmer. One where there is no such thing as propriety theft because skill is rewarded, not the product.

Anyway, I shall rant no more. I will make effort to touch up this site once a month as this will be a resting place for those who share my dreams. 

Please make yourself at home.

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