Laptop Option Sept 2014

After considering our requirements, we have decided not to proceed with using Aftershock PC as a base for our operating system.

We offer the Toshiba Portege z930 and Z30 model due to their low weight, high portability and SSD option.

The Z930 is 1.12 kg and is one of the world’s lightest ultrabooks. This maximises portability with a relatively decent battery life. The Z30 has almost identical chassis but is slightly heavier and thicker. It offers a longer battery life and slightly more firepower.


Z930: 1595 SGD (at time of writing, may be less, please check for latest prices.)
Z30:   1720 SGD (at time of writing, may be less, please check for latest prices.)
Ram/HD upgrade available.
Installation of Microsoft Office (under WINE) also available.

See the rest of the post for specifications.


Portege Z30 Portege Z930
CPU type Intel Core i7 4600U (Haswell) Intel Core i5 3427U (Ivy Bridge)
Graphics Intel HD 4600 Intel HD 4000
OS Lubuntu XELLINK Edition 14.04.1 Lubuntu XELLINK Edition 14.04.1
Display Size 13.3″ 1920 X 1080 13.3″ 1366 X 768
Screen Type LED-Backlit LCD LED-Backlit LCD
RAM 4096 MB (upgradable to 16GB) 4096 MB (upgradable to 8GB)
SSD 128 GB (upgradable) 128 GB (upgradable)
Battery capacity 52 (Wh) (9h idle, 4.5h video playback) 47 (Wh) (8h idle, 4.5h video playback)
Weight 1200g / 41.6 oz 1120g / 39.5 oz.
Size (w/h/d mm) 316/18/227 316/16/227 mm
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