Ubuntu to Run Wayland by Default

Wayland is a lightweight display server protocol that is already severely overdue to replace XORG. There has always been a master plan to include Wayland into Ubuntu.


What does this mean?
It means Linux/Ubuntu will now be easier to develop, use less resources and will probably get better compatibility in the future. Perhaps April 2018 will be The Year of the Linux Desktop. It can also mean nothing, depending on how well people adopt it.

When is it released?
Wayland will first be released on Ubuntu on the 17.10 version. There will be need to iron out some bugs, but this will also be the best time to demonstrate the its benefits. Say hi to full resolution splash screens.

Why X isn’t good enough?
I was born in 1987. The X version became 11 and that was when X11-protocol was also born. A lot have changed over the past 30 years but…

Problems with Wayland
Any project will definitely have a lot of issues, but Wayland has been out for extended amount of time with many hiccups. It also has issues with propriety software like NVIDIA and AMD. FGLRX and the NVIDIA propriety software do not have KMS support and hence do not work well with Wayland. What is the point of a more responsive system when you can’t play games?

In a way, Wayland does not attempt to make life easier for end-users. Users are not interested in the technology, they are interested in getting their job done.

“If X works good enough, why do you need Wayland?” – said no linux elitist ever.

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2 Responses to Ubuntu to Run Wayland by Default

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  2. Ake says:

    If windows is good enough why use LINUX. I am not intrested in technology from the eighties. There is little support for new technology in Linux distros. I Think Wayland, Vulkan and support for multiprocessing, modern GPU etc is important. Very few of the desktop Environments are ready for Wayland and I think it is good so all these shit distros will dissappear in the future. Enlightenment, Gnome, KDE, Liri Shell wants to be ready and hopefully LXqt soon. It is a shame how system V and x11 enthusiasts spread their hate on internet. There will soon be Linux Wayland, Dragonfly Wayland, True OS Wayland, etc. I hope Illumos also adapts to Wayland. The problem with Unix was that it was meant primarly for servers. Amiga and Beos was the first real multimedia OS:s and who uses terminals nowadays?

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