Building A Steam Box in Singapore (Testing)

PC/Steam system

Open Box

The GFX fan remains unobstructed. Fan on the cover is complementary.

1. SFX Silverstone 450W power supply
2. MiniITX case
4. Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB RAM (4×2)
5. Palit Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 1024MB
6. 1TB 7200 Sata3 HD
7. DVD R/W / BluRay slot-in

Peripherals (optional)
1. TPLink Wireless repeater (MB with wireless function can be used instead)
2. Logitech F710 Wireless gamepad
3. Rii Mini i25 Air-mouse remote controller
Cost 999.

Cosmetic (+100)
1. Colored Jetflo 120 Fan
2. Silverstone Raven case RV01

Limitations for Build
1. Price has to be below 1000. XBOne only costs 500 in comparison.
2. The slick raven case was chosen due to its slim design, thus being able to fit in a narrow shelf on my feature wall. Most feature walls will have more than enough space for most ITX cases but I did not make sufficient holes for wires to access those free spaces and my giant subwoofer was already hogging one of those intended spaces. 550W power supply was initially intended but did not fit into the case. I was willing to overbudget by 100 dollars due to this reason.


Slim design of the Raven case fits onto my shelf

3. Unlike other countries, a slot-in DVD drive is difficult to obtain and more expensive in Singapore. Importing would be cheapest. I obtained my drive from a laptop dismantling shop. A special cable also had to be obtained which was available in Sim-Lim.
4. Wireless repeater was chosen instead of the cheaper wireless MB as I had to extend my wireless coverage. TP link is a good brand.
5. Steam controller was not obtained due to high learning curve and limited time set for testing. However, the software should be compatible with a Steam controller.

Installation issues

1. Most of the installation was out of the box and working. Latest updates were applied.
2. Graphics drivers had issues with using the right DPI for text, making text unreadable. I had to modify Xorg.conf for it to work. Primitive and nostalgic.
3. Kodi shortcut mapping isn’t intuitive but somehow manageable. Shortcut mapping on Lubuntu is not that intuitive.
4. DVD player was not working for certain regions, VLC was added into Kodi to replace the original DVD player.

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